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   Pentagon Finance International.
Private Investment Club.

1). Our Philosophy
We work together, we invest together, and we grow together as a unit.

2). Our Values
 - Integrity
 - Transparency
 - Honesty
 - Committment
 - Mutual respect & Trust

3). Investment Strategy
 - One Member, One Vote
 - Investments in Shares, Assets, Land & Acq.
 - Enjoy what we do, and share ideas regularly

Our club is registered with the Proshareclubs, an umbrella organisation in the UK that caters for over 12,000 investment clubs. 
Registration Number: 25107. 


To join the Pentagon Finance International Investment Club, please complete the enquiry form below. Our investment club is independent and the the investment club funds are independently managed outside the acquisition funds on Pentagon Finance International ("the company"). Membership is limited and exclusive and offers a great opportunity to be part of a global acquisition consortium with a vision to identify and invest in profitable and high growth businesses and shares worldwide. Terms & Conditions apply.

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