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  As anglobal_market_leader organization we are fully committed to operating with utmost integrity and professionalism. We employ a flexible advisory approach to working with management and vendors and aim to align interests to the benefit us all. In most of our advisory and investment deals, management have a significant stake in the company.  We try our best to ensure that to ensure that there is absolutely no slippage in our committments. So you are free to contact us any time and we very much look forward to continue operating with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. 
Private_Equity_-_PGFDuring the last two decades, the global private equity and acquisition market has experienced steady growth. Pentagon Finance International aims to be a major global player in this industry by producing continous superior acquisitions and supporting credible business ideas with high growth future prospects.

We provide specific and unrivalled  corporate advisory services to non-resident individuals and corporate SME's who are either already operating from an offshore jurisdiction or considering moving to an Offshore jurisdiction. 

There are many unique features and benefits associated with operating or establishing an offshore (non-resident) company, and different individuals and organisations have valid reasons for incorporating and operating offshore. We respect the privacy of our "non-resident" clients and adhere to very strict confidential guidlines when dealing with their business & financial affairs.

What is an Offshore IBC?
A offshore IBC (International Business Corporation) is an entity that rarely conducts its business operations in its country of origin, and can only operate outside of its country of incorporation, but allowed to trade with other established "mainland" companies which has been formed within the same jurisdiction.

SME Coporate Governance Advice for Non-Residents 
As Corporate governance and shareholder response consultants, we provide advice to offshore SME's on Set Up & incorporation procedures, and also advice on effective shareholder management strategies in the course of managing and maintaining the ownership of worldwide business interests.

Our mission is to align the interests of our "non-resident" clients, company management and investors by providing them and their management teams with informative advice, analysis and execution services in an effort to most effectively create and enhance their business value, maximise business wealth and shareholders funds where applicable. 

To become a Non-Resident private client please Contact us by filling the enquiry form below or contact us directly:

Email: p.equity@pfinternational.co.uk
Tel: 44 (0) 845  224 0736
       44 (0) 7804 283 867

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