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We Bring Global Commerce and Industry Expertise, across Disciplines to your Business

Our business and approach is based on knowledge and trust. Our strong network of professionals gives us a base of intellectual capital which rely on to deliver across our service disciplines.

Commerce and Industry

Changing the business of finance is the challenge facing many finance leaders.


In today’s modern economy, it is not the strongest businesses that survive, nor the most intelligent, it is those that are ready and most responsive to change.
If you’re ready to restructure and transform your business, Pentagon Finance can help you imagine and deliver, from Advisory to transformation, we deliver on trust.


Our management consulting services across commerce and industry focuses on the most critical issues and opportunities facing our clients across geographies, from finance transformation to strategy, and from IFRS compliance to advanced analytics we have the expertise and solutions to guide you to success.


The new reality is that 71% of organizations today are facing sector disruption or on the brink of significant disruption. Globalization has also expanded the pool from which to source talent and materials, as well as the potential markets in which to sell products and services.

The good news? Your opportunity to drive competitive advantage has never been greater. Our modern solutions are ready to meet businesses like yours wherever you are in your transformation journey.

Transform with a trusted partner.

Today’s fast-changing global environment demands organizations are ready to adapt, grow and survive.

We are a ‘solutions driven’, we listen to your challenges and discuss the best solutions that meets your requirements and budget.


Our Management Consulting Team

Our aim is always to work with our clients to significantly add value to your business and processes.

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