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Successful ERP implementation depends on three factors: people, processes and technology. Pentagon Finance’s professional ERP consulting services provide expertise in all three.

ERP Implementation Services

When you’re spending significant time and money implementing or upgrading an ERP system, you want some assurances that the final product will help your business be better. Yet nearly half of all ERP implementations are unsuccessful, meaning that the end product doesn’t deliver the value that you expected. Why? Because the focus is mostly on the technology, ignoring the people and processes. If you want your next ERP implementation or upgrade to be successful, you need the experienced ERP consultants from Pentagon Global Finance on your side.


In today’s competitive business climate, we suggest an even more rigorous focus on enterprise software implementation by tracking additional metrics like disruptions in operations, impact on productivity, and level of ERP adoption across tyour organisation.

Unfortunately, there are many horror stories of failed ERP implementations, cost over-runs, time delays, disruptions in operations and more. You can avoid these pitfalls with our proven ERP expertise.

ERP systems impact almost every aspect of a company, so the success of an implementation is of the utmost importance. Whether your company is switching to a completely new system or undergoing a major upgrade, take advantage of our proven implementation methodology. Our past ERP services have helped reduce the load on company resources.

The power of ERP drives rapid business transformation; Netsuite, an industry leader, can lay claim to implementing a myriad of successful technological foundations.


We will supplement your team in all critical focus areas of the project, including:

  • ERP project management
  • Configuring the future state
  • Testing the system with your end-users
  • ERP data conversion
  • Driving performance improvements

With ever-growing pressure to digitize processes and provide the best experience for customers, many organizations are struggling to deliver. Many digital initiatives are failing due to siloed ERP solutions, legacy operational systems, and processes.


Our technology-agnostic ERP implementation methodology has been refined through experience with balanced implementation processes that recognizes the importance of having a technology solution that is aligned with your organization’s business processes and organizational structure and capabilities.