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Oracle Netsuite Experts

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The growing pace of globalisation and the expansion of the cloud technology industry have allowed SMEs to scale faster than ever.


Oracle Netsuite is a leading provider of cloud based financial, ERP and single channel commerce software packages for over 40,000 companies.


Netsuite highly scalable ERP system uses a combination of business intelligence and financial management operations to help both mid-sized and large organisations manage their operations and grow in a sustainable-yet-successful manner.


Netsuite’s holistic approach to its cloud ERP solution allows everyone in an organisation to gain a customised view of the company’s key performance indicators by function, from people on the shop floor to the top management in the C suite.


Pentagon Finance has been supporting NetSuite customers since 2015 and we’ve been helping with everything from configuration assistance and implementation to supporting staff through the roll out of new features and systems.

Streamline everyday business operations and boost growth.

Today approximately 40,000 companies and subsidiaries rely on NetSuite including Fitbit, Billabong, GoPro and Groupon. NetSuite is suitable for growing companies as well as larger enterprises, and it is completely flexible and scalable.

Our dedicated team of experts are ready to develop solutions to increase your business and finance efficiency.


Our Oracle NetSuite support team draws upon the skills of a select team of Finance professionals and Netsuite ERP experts with a wealth of industry experience gained from fast growing business in the UK and abroad. We are able to assist on all aspects of Oracle Netsuite, from implementation to restructuring, including training and support.


Sometimes your in-house NetSuite expert is already overwhelmed with requests or you feel your team would benefit from extra technical backup when needed. This is where we can help. Get in touch with us for expert support that will transform your business processes and reporting.


Our unique process for understanding your challenges and business needs are embedded in our core principles for Excellence and Integrity across all our service disciplines.

We bring together experienced, engaged professionals that are highly energetic and motivated to work in challenging, high stakes environments. Contact us today.