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Access our scalable contingent project recruitment services, empowering true flexible project staffing to meet your ongoing and future business requirements from Balance sheet reconciliations to M&A integration.

Let Pentagon Finance Staff your projects

The workforce is changing. To cope with this shift in project staffing structure, many organisations look to engage a Managed Service Provider to deliver a contingent solution for projects from Balance sheet reconciliations to M&A integration. Whether you’re engaging contract or temporary experts for a specific project or programme, or to bring flexibility to your organisation’s workforce, it’s a compelling recruitment strategy to help manage the peaks and troughs of demand, as well as hiring the specialist, niche skills required in a competitive market.

Our specialist contingent workforce solution makes managing a flexible project workforce simple; finding the perfect balance between cost and efficiency. We provide our clients the option to scale up and down an additional flexible workforce, helping them to focus on other business priorities.


When we staff your projects:

We provide the resources you need at any given moment to best fit your goals.

You benefit from proven expertise with the best consultants at your finger tips.

Limited training required, even if the focus of your projects change –we always have the right team or consultant for the job

We help train your staff and fill any knowledge gaps that exists in your team.


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When you choose Pentagon Finance, our team becomes your team.